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Funeral Cost FAQ

How much does a funeral cost?

The cost of a funeral service is determined by the choices that are made at the time of funeral arrangement with the funeral director caring for you.

We understand the pressure of grief and the emotion of arranging a funeral service for someone you love.  We believe that service should not be compromised by financial worry so we will provide you with choices and funeral costs that are appropriate to your needs so that you will have confidence and clarity about your decisions.
Our service provision fee encompasses the many tasks required to deliver a dignified farewell and incorporates some of the more personal aspects of our work such as providing private time for your family to visit our chapel to either view your loved one or spend time of reflection. We consider this to be an integral part of our service to your family and we hope that by personalising the elements of our service you will feel that you have honoured your loved one in a special way.

If you require a funeral expense estimate please contact us and we will provide a written quotation at any time.

For an instant quote, please fill out our online funeral quote form.

What is the average cost of a funeral?

The average cost of a funeral is $4,000 to $11,000. All funeral services we conduct are very personalised and tailored to how a family wishes to farewell their loved one. Because of this, it is difficult to give an exact price without having the discussion about what is really wanted. Just to give a bit of an idea I will give three average prices below; A funeral service followed by a burial, A funeral service followed by a private cremation and A private cremation with no funeral service taking place.

What is the cost of a funeral and burial?

The cost of a funeral and burial is on average $11,000. This would include a basic coffin, purchase of a new grave in Geelong, interment or digging fee, celebrants fee, flowers, certificates and the funeral directors fee. The information above would also apply in this case.

How much does a cremation funeral cost?

A cremation funeral costs on average $7,000. This would include a basic coffin, cremation fee, celebrants fee, flowers, certificates and the funeral director fee. What the funeral director fee includes varies between funeral directors. Items that our service fee includes but some funeral directors may charge extra for are; a viewing of the deceased, a photographic DVD to be played at the service, video recording of all services at any location and online streaming of any service at any location. Items that would be extra are; catering for refreshments, printing of service booklets, newspaper notices, a musician or a chauffeur. 

How much does a cremation cost without a funeral taking place?

Without a funeral taking place, a cremation will cost an average of $4000. This would include a basic coffin, cremation fee, certificates and funeral director fee. Even if it is the deceased or the family’s wish that no service takes place, Jonathan Hepner Funerals believes in treating everybody with the same dignity and respect. For this reason, we still like to meet our families in person to go through the details required. We also still prepare your loved one by washing and dressing them in the same way we would for everyone that we care for.