Your loved one in our care

We understand our responsibilities in caring for your loved one

The transfer of your loved one into our care from the place of death is conducted by experienced staff members with compassion and dignity.

Our Directors will discuss and seek any special instructions and ensure these wishes are carried out.
You are encouraged to speak with us about how you would like your loved one to be prepared, hair style and use of cosmetics for ladies. We will bathe and dress your loved one in clothing provided by you, or we can offer new nightwear.

If you would like to be involved in our care for you loved one we will support you in doing so.

In some circumstances, it may be necessary or we may recommend embalming. Our directors will discuss and seek your permission for embalming Embalming is performed by a qualified experienced embalmer.


A personal choice – A time of quiet reflection

Some families find it helpful to spend time with their loved one before the funeral service. It is with your invitation that who you wish to be present are invited.

You are offered precious and private time in our chapel or your choice of location in an unhurried manner.

We can personalise the viewing time to reflect your loved one’s life

  • Music that is personally meaningful to you or favourite music pieces of the person who died
  • Favourite flowers
  • Photos & memorabilia to display

You are welcome to place special items with your loved one