John Harry Stevenson

05/07/1941 - 20/11/2021

Passed away peacefully.
Adored father and father-in-law of Jason & Alison.
Proud Grandad of Jamie & Micha; and Kirsty.
Great Grandfather of Isla.
Survived by three brothers and two sisters.
Rest in peace.

Relatives and friends of John Stevenson are invited to attend his Funeral Service to be held at our chapel, 199 Ormond Road, East Geelong on FRIDAY (November 26) at 11:00am, followed by a private cremation. To attend John’s service you must show proof of full vaccination on entry. Alternatively, to view the service live in your home, please select the following link:


Chapel of Jonathan Hepner Funerals
199 Ormond Road East Geelong
26/11/2021 @ 11:00
Bec Ryan
2021-11-23 09:39:07
John, You were a friend, a mentor, and like a father figure to me.. I will cherish our memories xx “Your memory is my keepsake, With which we’ll never part . God has you in his keeping, I have you in my heart ❤️ “ xx
Sylvia Howard
2021-11-23 13:56:44
I would like too send my condolences to john's family, he was an awesum man, I met him through darts many years ago he was always up for a chat. He will b sadly missed by his family friends n th dart community. Luv ya big John, til we meet again enjoy th games of darts up above from a dart player on n off since around 1986 til mid 2000's cheers Sylvia Howard
Jason Stevenson
2021-11-24 13:17:32
My dad was my hero and my idol. My first memory of him was looking at there bed from my walker and seeing dads face then him pointing out to the garden through the patio doors. Apparently mum remembered there being a fox that was in our garden a lot so it was probably that. I always remember dad working all the time either his job or helping someone or on our house Or nan and grandads house. He always seemed happy and was nearly always smiling. This one time around nan and grandads dad was doing a path and smoothing the concrete out in the middle of summer and the sweat was running of his face and dripping on the concrete so he’s have to go over it again and again. Even though I never heard him swear he was muttering something as it was never ending the more he tried the more he sweated. As a child my dad was like the old trump cards you know when you shared them out hoping for the best card in your pile. Kids always used to say my dads bigger then your dad and mine will beat up yours. And if I was there one would almost every time say well my dads friends with his dad and nobody’s as big as him I was so proud of that. School holidays was fun for most of it even from a early age dad took me out in his lorry and let me steer ( when safe normally on private ground or a quarry when he’s get sand. Dad used to unload the lorry by hand he’d pick up lay the bricks out in a row and push them together picking up 16 at once i remember clearly as people would often comment and ask how many ya got there mate. And bags of cement which was 50 kg in the old days he’d put one on his shoulder and carry one in each hand like it was just a bag of shopping. Then one day he got a lorry With I grab on it. He soon taught me how to use it in his lunch break then I was helping unload the lorry at peoples houses and in building sites. Great times. Dad had a best friend to me it was uncle Doug and auntie Wendy he had two kids Karen and Stuart. They was like and are still like my brother and sister that I never had. We used to go to Doug’s a lot my favourite memories are New Years when we’d go to the working men’s club we’d run around while the adults drank. Also at the weekends when we’d go up there I learnt to ride a bike there. And In the evening dad would drink with Doug And tell stories of the old days on their motorcycles getting chased by the police up alley ways al around the south east of London. I remember Doug getting separated from dad in a chase and Doug saying he was either sitting on a wall or trying to look over it waiting for dad to get back but he knew the police was around and wasn’t sure if it was safe to come out of hiding and dad was in a shed with his motorcycle ticking away while it was cooling down also while the police was outside trying to find them. There was so many stories they’d talk about me Karen and Stuart would sit there looking and listening to each and i suppose both of our heroes talk about the good old days. Dad used to get nan and we’d look after her at the weekends dad would collect push her around in her wheelchair all weekend and take her back. She had several strokes a year after grandad passing away. I remember being on holiday and being in the pool and dad must of had 6 kids on his back and around his neck dragging them around the pool. Yes my dad When dad went to Australia I was devastated. I didn’t show it. In was upset as I was now going to be a dad myself and starting a family in which he would of been a great grandad to my children. A few years when past and we got dad to come over for four weeks. Picking him up from the airport I was giddy inside doing cartwheels in my head. Then I saw him. My dad my hero has returned. He wasn’t as big. He wasn’t the same he’s aged. Honestly I felt robbed i realised how much time had past. 16!years had passed. But dad was still dad none of the magic had gone. He’d lost weight and shrunk a bit with age. But he was still big john, tiny, gentle giant, to everyone but me he was my dad. I couldn’t believe it dad was here he got in my car which wasn’t a small car and filled the passenger seat. While dad was here we went to see Doug and his family which was great my heart was full again. Same old stories same feeling in my heart with the added bonus of my wife Alison and my children Jamie and kirsty. We went to Tesco ( our supermarket) and we was in the next till to a young woman with a hysterical crying child. And with that shouts out SHUT UP. My heart sinks I’m waiting for all hell to let loose. And the child instantly stops crying and the woman turns and says thankyou with a confused look on her face. We had a do at our local where we met quite a few of dads mates it was like he’d never left. I was struggling with a architect who was putting planes through for My extension And they kept failing dad said don’t worry son were do it. So we went into town got a ruler thin leaded pencil rubber etc. And begun. We done the plans. And sent them off It was time for dad to go back a trying time only for me in my head the kids where upset And it was as if he’d always been here they was so close to him. Dad was back in Australia and I got confirmation that the plans had passed I told dad and I was over the moon. As they’d been rejected a few times and had cost a considerable amount of money. Well a few more years had passed. I said to dad that we wanted to come to Australia and we’d saved up and was thinking of booking it. He said before you book it let me check see if I can sort some accommodation out save some money. He spoke to family members and all was good. Something happened so we had put it back 6 months in booking it. We was if to Australia all six of us me Alison Jamie Kirsty and there at the time partners. We arrived at the auto dad and Alison’s Auntie and uncle. We went up the road and hired the monkey bus as I called it. Big enough for all of us luggage and dad is needed. We went to Alison’s family for a couple of days dad came and stayed local so we could all be together. We left there and went to dads brother and wife Martin and Sandra ( beautiful people) we turn up at the door dad knocks on the door Martin opens the door with Sandra overlooking his shoulder. Dad says we’re here. Dad hadn’t told them we was coming. The look was priceless. Dad had asked yes, Martin Sandra had agreed we could stay. But I found out that that’s what was agreed 18 months ago. Dad hadn’t told them or updated them in anything that had gone on. Anyway we stayed for a couple of days we felt more then welcome it was amazing Sandra helped us find a holiday Jaime as a base as there son Danny was due to come home that weekend. We stayed there for a week a beautiful place with kangaroos emus walking around barbecue areas spread around. We had a few of them. One evening after a extremely busy day dad went to his room to rest. Me and Alison looked at each other at the same time and she said can you smell smoke, yes I replied, I knocked on dads door are you smoking in there dad. I heard him exhale blowing the smoke out and he replied no. Lol. We had a party at uncle George’s house where I think nearly everyone turned up. It was a great time it was nice to meet everyone I had heard all about. We moved on to echukka. For a few days that is a beautiful place we met more family it was max Marilyn and there family. As we arrived Marilyn Asked if we’d like and drink we all replied with yes please. She then asked her daughter and she said yeah. Dad pipes up with pleeeease manners doesn’t cost anything. We went in to the town and strolled along the Murray river and some sort of museum I think. Later that evening on returning to the bungalow we’d hired for a few days Alison shouts in from the kitchen want a drink Jason. In which dad shouts out I’ll have a drink girl. Alison walks in and says pleeeeease. Dad laughs raising his eyebrows in a yeah you got me there. We did a few more things and it was time to go. I tried to get dad to come home so I can spend a few years with him as I needed and wanted so time with him. He said he would. As our time in Australia came to a end for all of us. It was time for that goodbye I hugged my dad told him I loved Him he told me the same. Pulling away I just see his coat and i turned away not looking at him not looking back I just walked away. I didn’t look at his face. I never had one last look at at a great kind man who always seemed to put others first. I didn’t give him that respect i couldn’t do it. I was breaking inside as it was the last time I would ever see him alive. At that time. In my head. We did book a holiday to come over in November 2019. I wanted desperately to see him that one last time and make it right. To face him when I left to ask him about things I wanted to ask Him. To give him the respect he deserved. I did explain it in the phone I didn’t want to cry at the airport so I didn’t look. He understood. But it shouldn’t matter. In my heartbreak and time of loss. Please to all my family and friends please learn from my pain. Life is precious life is short. And tomorrow may never come. So if you have questions ask them be nice to people so your heart and mind may rest well. I Love to you so much dad and know you tried your hardest to live another day I know you never gave up. And rest in peace of mind though what you did by leaving me and my new up and coming family I not once had hate in my heart for your choice. I’m happy knowing you was happy. Goodbye big john, tiny, the gentle giant, but to me Goodbye DAD.
Kirsty Stevenson
2021-11-24 13:41:15
Dear Grandad I wish I could have spent more time with you but when we did it was special and amazing . I wish I could have had the chance to see you one last time to tell you how much I love you . Party hard up there with a nice cold one and play some good darts . Love your Granddaughter Kirsty ♥️
Jamie Stevenson
2021-11-24 13:47:56
A golden heart stopped beating working hands at rest . God broke our hearts to prove to us that he only takes the best . Love you forever. Jamie , Micha and Isla ♥️
Dallas Rush
2021-11-25 00:27:00
Good night my friend, God bless from Dal in England xxx
Wayne Lampard
2021-11-25 02:58:47
I don’t know how it started but I always referred to my Cousin as Big John. It was always good to see big John if he popped in or went visiting relatives while I was on leave. It’s funny that you may never see family often but once they have gone, you miss them. Thank you for the memories Big John. Condolences to all the family.
Linda Price
2021-11-25 03:49:58
Sending my sincere condolences to all the Stevenson family, may the wonderful memories of John bring you some comfort R.I.P John
Paul Bithell
2021-11-25 07:48:36
My Condolences go out to Family and Friends on the passing of Big John. He was a gentleman on and off the dartboard with many stories and laughs had he will be missed by all that knew him. R.I.P Big John
Colski Stratton
2021-11-25 10:52:48
You were a true gentleman, big John with the infectious laugh and wide grin. No matter what was going on, on and off the board or in the realms of conversation you took no sides and would politely sit back , smile and take the brighter side of all that was happening. It's a sad day, but I will sit back and smile with my wide grin knowing you are safe with family passed and glad I was lucky enough to have your wide smile part of my life. Travel safe my friend, until we meet again, love colski and wayneo xx
Doug Young
2021-11-25 11:22:16
Farewell to my best friend John, who I have loved like a brother for 69 years. I will miss you so dearly. God bless you. Your lifelong friend, Doug xxx
Stuart and Karen Young
2021-11-25 11:35:21
You were always our Big Uncle John – and we loved you. Growing up, you were always there for us, giving us your time, your advice and always making us laugh - and we still remember those stories of what you and our Dad got up to when you were younger. We’ll cherish all those memories and we’ll really, really miss you. All our love, Karen, Stuart and our families xx
Robyn Harris
2021-11-26 01:46:54
A lovely service today for a lovely man. As you said he was fussy what he ate, I used to offer him meals but he would say no. Wouldnt say no when I offered him sweets or cake though. Condolences to all the family and thanks for thanking me in the service xx
In Loving Memory
Robyn Harris
Lindsay Margaret