Pheonix Werner

29/04/2001 - 15/04/2016

WERNER, Pheonix Ronald
Taken too soon on April 15, 2016, aged 14 years.
Devoted big brother of Makiyah, Grace and Mason.
Golden boy to Jessica.
Cherished grandson of Linda and Brian.
Loved nephew of Peter, Belinda and Ronald.
He brought life to everyone he met.

Centenary Hall
15 Cox Rd Norlane
27/04/2016 @ 13:00
Chelsea O'Keefe
2016-04-19 12:23:00
My very much adored cousin, Pheonix. You are the light of many peoples lives, including mine. I love you. I miss you. I want you to know that I am very much proud of you and always will be. You are a beautiful boy, very special, and cherished within my heart. You took a part of me with you as soon as I heard the news Friday Night. I hope you stand by me forever, and that you hold a place for me up above next to you. Rest Peacefully Pheonix, my cousin, i'll forever be wishing you are still here with me xxxx
Emily Jannes
2016-04-19 12:54:34
Gone to soon beautiful boy, I remember our primary school days being like a buddy to you! Known you for ages man, I wish this was all just a bad dream! ?? I'll cherish our memories forever, I know your watching over us all gone but never forgotten ??
Bianca Gangur
2016-04-19 13:36:49
Phoenix, you were such a bubbly person with such a great personality the people that knew you were so lucky as I am very lucky to have you as a friend. You had so much a head of you especially with football. From this day on I'll always remember you and I'll always remember our memories we made. The world feels so empty without you and I'm still trying to get over the fact that you're gone because it's so hard to believe it? We all love you very much. I miss you and our very special memories we have had. R.I.P gorgeous boy ❤️ Forever in our hearts ❤️
Aunty Maddie ❤️
2016-04-19 14:51:19
You will be forever missed by everyone that you touched with your precious soul. You have always been a happy boy and I've watched you grow from this tiny little chubba bubba into this very handsome young man I bet all the girls perved on you. I love you forever pheonix it's not goodbye it's just goodnight love always Aunty Maddie ❤️
Chelsey Darmanin
2016-04-19 16:24:49
love and miss you like crazy brother gone way to soon. Fly high beautiful boy until we meet again ??
Anton De Almeida
2016-04-19 17:30:04
From what I've heard about you you where pretty cool and had a lot of friends unfortunately I was not one of them. You knew me and I knew you but I just wish we got to know each other better words cant express how much you're missed. Well I guess goodbyes ain't forever its till we meet again❤☹
Jessica Werner
2016-04-19 19:36:53
My baby boy all I keep thinking is you deserved so so much more then I could have ever given you I new you were going to be popular as I watched you grow I admired your strengths & ability to over come thing & not let things get to you. I never got yo tell you that you are truely my soulmate my best friend we held each others hands & grew up together I was young & didn't feel life until I looked into yours eyes I love you thank you for accepting me as your mum it is & always will be an honour go be in heaven baby I'll see you soon
Sarah Haig
2016-04-19 20:31:40
My beautiful bubbly full of life cousin you will never been forgotten you touched so many lives, it's still hard to believe your gone never in a million years did I think you'd be gone this early, I love you forever and will cherish you in my heart I know your with us all fly high spunk love you
Linda Randall
2016-04-19 21:18:19
My beautiful boy pheniox my heart is broken with out you' I feel you you at my house every morning since you passed I check for your room and a calmness comes over me 'and wake early every morning 'to a loud knock on my front door ' when l check this isnt anyone there. .always love you my darling boy .we loved our hungry jacks soft serves..I have to eat yours 2 now ..x xx nana.
paige moreland
2016-04-19 21:21:05
fly high beautiful soul, until we meet again. ??
Aunty Cassie
2016-04-19 21:23:24
It's so hard to believe that you've actually left this world Pheonix. You were and always will be my boy I loved you very much and it was a pleasure watching you grow up through the years. Our hearts are connected till the end of time. You've grown your angel wings and I'm sure my baby Kai was waiting for you at the gates of heaven look after him until we meet again never forgotten, forgotten never.
Kezza hynam
2016-04-19 21:51:38
Fly high beautiful boy, you brought so much happiness to my Grandson Callum, he misses you so much ???
Nyabil Nyak
2016-04-19 21:55:28
R.I.P Pheonix ? Gone but will never forgotten! Fly high to your beautiful soul, you'll be missed very dearly. Sucks that you're not here, it doesn't feel real at all ☹️ The days are not the same and are never going to be. Going to miss you heaps ❤️
Tanya Rossiter
2016-04-19 22:54:22
Working at Corio footy club for the past few years has made me have that special bond with all you boys on the team I've got to know them and pheonix you were always one of the good kids on the team and was always the first off on my interchange list breaks my heart knowing your number won't be on that sheet anymore but I'll always remember you as a good footballer and mate to my son his taking your loss pretty hard but knows your always going to be looking down on him r.i.p mate gone but never forgotten big hugs to jess and family xxx
Karen Hutchinson
2016-04-19 23:38:08
Just want to say that I am so sorry for your loss. Pheonix was a beautiful boy and my heart is breaking for his mum and family at this sad son Michael is heart broken over the lost of pheonix he loved him like a brother. He will never forget you pheonix. May you rest in peace fly high beautiful boy.i know you are looking down on everyone and saying you are sorry. ❤❤❤❤❤
Chantelle Shelford
2016-04-19 23:59:15
I just want to say that you were a best friend to me and like a brother you always looked after me when ever I was down it just shows that you really care about your friends just to see that you have actually gone has killed me so much I still can't believe it.... Pheonix always had a smile in his face which made everyone happy if anyone was down they would just look at pheonix and be happy all over again ❤️❤️ im heart goes out to you and your family love you so much pheonix you will never be forgotten, your always in my heart ❤️❤️ Miss you heaps xox
Jack Dandy
2016-04-20 01:19:05
I didn't know you personally but I know people that are effected by the loss of you Phoenix and I send my love and support to your family... Fly high pheonix R.I.P
Bri Apma Hayes
2016-04-20 04:49:25
fly high Pheonix, you will missed!
Julia Scaffidi
2016-04-20 05:42:34
Phoenix Werner was such a bright bubbly beautiful boy, I'll never forgot his big smile that always glowed. Such a kind heart taken way to soon, forever in our hearts and never forgotten. We will always remember you as the sweet boy you were ❤️
Kealey Bell
2016-04-20 06:50:48
Pheonix was such a out going, happy Kid that always had the biggest most beautiful smile on his face. He was a star footy player and such a strong boy. He will always be With us we will never forget you and your big heart love you forever and always . You will be loved and remembered, I miss you ❤️
Michael Hutchinson
2016-04-20 10:09:35
Love ya brother, I miss you already hopefully I see you up there one day, #FLYHIGHBROTHER❤️❤️❤️
Jayme-leexox Black
2016-04-20 10:17:50
R.I.P the most best buddy I have ever had memories we had shared with each other as being buddies at school it is sad without you at your old primary school we were all devostated including the Teachers and students Miss you Pheonix Fly high Brothers Love you See you when we meet again ??
Manu Heke
2016-04-20 11:57:47
Love you so much brother, musd you heaps and heaps! Until we meet again <3 #FLYHIGHBROTHER
Jasmin Welsh
2016-04-20 20:25:15
I miss you so much Pheonix school isn't the same without you I love you like a brother xoxox ❤️ #FlyHighBrother
Izzy Konevski
2016-04-20 21:19:59
R.I.P Pheonix I will miss you heaps and I love you like a brother love you man ❤️❤️
Tasha Logan
2016-04-21 10:01:51
Preys, thoughts & respects going out to the Ronald family & extended family & friends! Rest Easy Pheonix x
Melanie NORMAN
2016-04-22 00:07:12
Jess and family Im so very sorry for the passing of your gorgeous son. My heart breaks for you sweetheart. This is one of lifes toughest moments & there are no words to ease your pain. May gods strength be with you now and always. Your in my thoughts my dear friend RIP dear Pheonix X
Samantha Collins
2016-04-24 11:42:11
I am so sorry for your lose and he was must love and felicity Patterson will miss him lots and our heart goes out to his family and friends too rip peace mate will for ever be miss love from us
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