Sione Mataitonga

20/12/1959 - 09/05/2022

In loving memory of Sione Mataitonga who sadly passed away on the 9th May 2022.

We will be video streaming Sione’s funeral service live online. To view the live stream, please visit the following link on Monday the 16th of May at 11:00am.


Please be aware that Sione’s service will take place in two parts – a chapel service, followed by a burial. The live stream will be available for both from the above link, but there will be a pause between as we travel a short distance to the cemetery. Please be patient. When we arrive at the cemetery the stream will become active again.

Live Streaming is also available for the family’s gathering to pay respects and to view Sione on Sunday the 15th of May, commencing at 6:00pm. To view this live stream please use the following link:


We would love for you to light a candle or leave a message below for Sione’s family.

Chapel of Jonathan Hepner Funerals
199 Ormond Road East Geelong
16/05/2022 @ 11:00
Toakesa Mataitonga
2022-05-11 08:35:17
Toka a ‘ihe nonga ‘ae ‘Eiki Sione Mataitonga ‘ofa lahi atu mei ho uaifi ‘ofa’anga
Loisi Lavulo
2022-05-11 10:44:02
Your absence is truly felt and your presence is greatly missed by Elias, ho kii pone ko Lotu, Ema and myself. Rest in Gods grace and be at Peace. He ikai ngalo koe ha taimi. Sii folau aa Sione Mataitonga xo
Fifita Lavulo
2022-05-12 01:26:11
Rest in peace Sione Mataitonga. We will truly miss you but we know your at a better place. Ofa atu ❤
Melenaite Taione
2022-05-12 06:49:46
2 Timote 4;7 - Kuo u tau 'a e tau lelei, kuo u lava'i a' e fakapuepue, kuo u tauhi mai 'a e tui totonu. Koia eku talamonu kiate koe Sione, kuo lava hoo ngaahi pea kuo ke tau ae tau lelei pea kuo ke nofo kihe alofi oe hau. Nofo a ihe nonga ae Eiki
Gill Gravenall
2022-05-12 08:21:07
Dear Kesa, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We are so sorry that you feel this terrible pain All our love, we miss you Love Gill and Lisa (Eden Park)
Kaiama & Salote Lavulo
2022-05-12 13:39:17
Thank you for the laughs, the evening chats and your pedanic ways! You've been called home to rest, so put your feet up now, your work here is done. You will never be forgotten. Ofa atu Sione, from Agnes, Kaiama Sii, Kaiama and Salote ❤
Jessica Vaihu
2022-05-13 12:08:10
Nice to meet you Sione. Have a lot of memories with you. Main one being you always called me Kesa si’i. And you speaking Tongan to me and I just agreed as I did not know what you said. Your cooking and sewing skills were nice to. Ofa atu, rest well.
Salote Anitoni
2022-05-13 14:17:09
Ofa lahi atu uncle Sione Mataitonga. Tangata angalelei mo mata famili. Teu a ho’o folau ki ho ‘api ma’u ‘o fkfe’ao ki he Hau. Mau ‘ofa lahi atu pea ‘ofa mai a Fusimoana mo Laumanu mei Tonga. ‘Ofa atu mei hoku ki’i famili
Vaisima Lua
2022-05-13 17:10:04
RIP Sione ikai ngalo 'ia au aho eku mali ho'o ha'u mo Kesa . Malo hoo ofa. Ofa lahi atu ki ho fofonga ofa. Ofa lahi atu Toakesa
Uikilifi Faaoso
2022-05-14 06:09:53
Ofa atu Aunty, our condolences from NZ. Alu a Sione ki ho api i langi.
otolose taione
2022-05-14 07:30:32
ofa atu sionefisi thank you for the good laughs and jokes and always smiling when ever you where here in nz with aunty kesa ofa atu
Luseane Naufahu
2022-05-15 07:38:43
With deepest sympathy as you all remember Sione. Sending healing prayers & comforting hugs. Ofa atu 🤍🤍🤍 xx
Lavinia Kalokalo
2022-05-15 08:00:43
Rest in Peace Sione 😭 ma’u ha ‘Ofa lahi atu kia koe ‘Ikai keke toe ‘asi mai kihotau kii kolo 😭 tangata angalelei mo Moui fiefia he fetaulaki mo ha taha..’ofa lahi atu Sione toka aa ihe nonga hotau Eiki fkmoui Sione❤️
Wendy James
2022-05-15 08:54:57
Sione, our favourite happy Fijian. You always supported our family, enjoyed a good laugh together, worked hard and deeply loved Kesa. We are deeply saddened by your passing and send our love, strength & prayers to Kesa & family. Rest Peacefully Sione. Ofa Atu Michael, Wendy, Archie, Henry & Eddie James x
Neta Ofa Kesa Siueli
2022-05-15 09:16:54
Deepest sympathy to your loved ones Sione who are left behind may they find peace and comfort In the Lord knowing you are finding rest in Gods loving arms. Ofa lahi atu Sione.
Becky Ling
2022-05-15 18:26:15
Dear Kesa Condolences to you and your family. May your husband RIP with Lord 🙏🏼
Ofa Fineanganofo
2022-05-16 01:31:58
Lots of love and prayer !
Deepa Chhabra
2022-05-16 04:29:07
Hi Kessa , my heart goes out to you and your family ,heartfelt condolences to you and family . May god give you all the courage to bear this great loss .RIP Sione .
Sela Tuloumotonga Moala
2022-05-16 13:24:55
Deepest condolences to you Toakesa, Ponitini n Richard for the passing of Sione MataiTonga ofa atu.
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