Tom O’Connor

27/02/1967 - 30/12/2020

In Loving Memory Of
Thomas Patrick
27/2/1967 – 30/12/2020
Loved son of Bridget (dec).
Brother of John and Jim (dec).
Brother-in-law of Stacey.

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Chapel of Jonathan Hepner Funerals
199 Ormond Road East Geelong
08/01/2021 @ 15:00
Tracey Kenshole
2021-01-07 21:54:17
Hi John & Stacey some lovely memories fom the Encompass staff. “We walked back to the car and asked Tom if he would like to go for a drive down to the waterfront on his way home, he said yes and asked if we could put on some music. We listened to Sex Pistols god save the queen and some Black Sabbath. Tom was smiling and moving his head to the music, he looked incredibly happy and relaxed, the louder the music the more he smiled. “ ******************** I remember driving down the bottom of eastern beach with Tom listening to God save the queen. He wanted the music so loud it was rattling my car doors and I’m sure everyone could hear my car coming from Kms away. He was so incredibly happy and was moving his head like he was trying to head bang and he had a massive smile on his face, as soon as that song finished he quickly said Black Sabbath paranoid, so we drove through the botanical gardens listening to paranoid. Equally as loud. When we finally arrived back to his house he said that was really good, can we do that again sometime I said sure. He jumped out of the car with a spring in his step sat back on his couch smiling and said that was really good. ******************************* I am beside myself with sadness and I miss Tom and think of him often. I am really grateful for the time I got to work with him. He found so much joy in just being able to get out and buy his history books, games and music. We both loved the cult and the cure and he thought it was great to cruise in my car on the way to Geelong and listen to these bands and especially Black Sabbath on repeat on Spotify. He loved his beef and black bean sauce for lunch from the food court while waiting to recharge his phone. He loved Greek salad and his favourite was to cook himself a rare t bone steak when he was up for it. Also he made alfalfa spouts with brown vinegar. A unique combination. I didn’t question it because I thought wow that’s pretty healthy. Any chance to get in some greens. He often talked of wanting to go down the coast for fish and chips. He talked of his love of fishing and to be by the sea. I remember his beautiful relationship with his brother John and partner Stacey. How he looked up to them and looked forward to their visits and their staffy dog Moomoo who one time left a nice treasure to clean up. 🤣🤣 He loved his visits with John and Stacey so much. Ordering take out and being able to shout tea for the family. He loved to play Xbox or PlayStation or Atari...he had them all and every version. Such an amazing collection of consoles and games. He loved to and chat about Stalin and all things historically war related. He could recite dates of battles I’ve never heard of. He was a beautiful kind man who carried himself well despite his mental illness . He was never anything but nice to me and always happy to see me. I will miss him dearly and will never forget him. ********************************** Tom endeared himself to all the staff who worked with him. he was a character, loved his music and XBox I remember trying to get Tom to give up his favourite old chair for a new one - that took some convincing. RIP Tom
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