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Eulogies & Words of Remembrance

It is almost impossible to summate a persons life in a few minutes however the eulogy can contains poignant facts and include highlights of a persons life.

Practice and become familiar with the delivery of your speech so you will be comfortable presenting it. Don’t worry if you can’t memorise it, you are not expected to.

Print your notes and refer to them as often as you may need. Public speaking can be difficult especially at a funeral service, remember that you will be surrounded by loving family and friends.

  • Usually eulogies are spoken for a few minutes, approximately  3 – 5 minutes is often recommended.
  • Obtain feedback from those you trust (family and friends) often another viewpoint or another persons memories will assist you.

A eulogy may be one of the most difficult speeches you will deliver but your audience will also be one of the most supportive, they will be sharing your difficulty. Giving a eulogy is a noble gesture that people will appreciate, admire and remember.

  • Dress appropriately to the occasion
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Don’t rush, take your time
  • Don’t worry if you lose your words or become emotional, there will be people to support you – pause, take a few breaths and carry on.
  • Have a back-up plan. Either have a written copy which you can read from, or someone who can step in and continue the eulogy if required.

For more information, read our checklist for presenting a eulogy.