In Australia,cremation represents about 60% of personal choice and is now widely accepted by most faiths and religions.

Geelong Memorial Park and Crematorium is a public Cemetery and Crematorium administered by Geelong Cemeteries Trust and is a member of the Cemeteries and Crematorium Assoc.of Victoria.

Services can be held in the Chapel at the crematorium or at another chosen venue and your loved one taken to the crematorium at the conclusion of the service.

The cremation takes place on the day of the service and we arrange to have your loved one’s ashes returned to our funeral home or you may choose to have the ashes held by the Cemetery Trust until you are ready to arrange memorialisation.

Please see for more information on the Cemeteries administered by the Geelong Cemeteries Trust.

Cemetery and crematorium facilities have a selection of memorial options which we can guide you with.

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