Caskets and Coffins

Jonathan Hepner Funerals provide you with choice.

In our range we offer a wide variety of coffins and caskets –┬áSolid timber coffins,craftwood with timber and paper veneer & solid timber and metal caskets.
Coffins and caskets can be selected from our display album or our selection room.

The difference between a Casket and Coffin

Design and shape.

Jonathan Hepner Funerals take pride in knowing that our range of Caskets and Coffins represent good value, quality and expert craftsmanship.

We understand that selecting a coffin for your loved one can be daunting and we ensure that you are comfortable with your choice.

Your selection may be influenced for various reasons.

  • Instruction given by your loved one
  • Style, design or colour
  • Construction material – solid timber, timber veneer,cardboard or metal
  • Asthetic appeal
  • Religious or cultural requirements
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Our manufacturers are Australian owned companies and our products are built in Australia. Excluding Batesville casket, which are manufactured in America.