Funeral Arrangement

We are here to help you arrange a funeral and provide guidance and support.

Funeral Arrangement Geelong

Here at Jonathan Hepner Funerals we understand the importance of acknowledging a person’s life when they pass away and giving the people left behind the needed time to say goodbye. We also know the damage that can be done by not giving people this very important opportunity of a meaningful farewell, in whatever form they need that to be.

We provide personalised funerals with elements that are unique to your loved one. We will assist with every aspect utilising our resources and offering ideas to create the funeral service just as you would like.

The transfer of your loved one into our mortuary care from the place of death is conducted by experienced staff members with compassion and dignity.

Our Geelong funeral director will discuss and seek any special instructions and ensure these wishes are carried out. You are encouraged to speak with us about how you would like your loved one to be prepared, hairstyle and use of cosmetics for ladies.

We take the time and care to ensure your loved one’s farewell is appropriate to their life, and their memory and meaningful to your family.

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A Life Remembered

These are the stories of two people who have celebrated the life of a loved one who made their life happy and joyous, a person they have loved and have lost and the memories they have left as their legacy.