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Types of grief

Grief presents itself in many ways. Grief can be complex and is as individual as people are:

Delayed grief

It can be an intentional postponement of grief and is related to other matters that are seen to need more immediate attention, or situations that dilute the capability of feeling grief.

Disenfranchised grief

Usually occurs when a person’s grief or loss isn’t able to be acknowledged or is one that society does not accept as valid.

Chronic grief

The grieving person has difficulty finding closure and returning to day-to-day life or activities, even after an extended amount of time has elapsed.

Exaggerated grief

Reactions of grief may include disturbed sleep, anti-social behaviours, phobias and thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

Sudden grief

When death takes place very suddenly, without warning. This type of grief can lead to responses that are out of character and in severe instances may result in post-traumatic stress disorder.