Caskets and Coffins

We provide a wide range of quality caskets & coffins.

Caskets and Coffins Geelong

Jonathan Hepner Funerals provides you with a choice.

In our range, we offer a wide variety of coffins and caskets – Solid timber coffins, craftwood with timber and paper veneer & solid timber and metal caskets. Coffins and caskets can be selected from our display album or our selection room.

The difference between caskets and coffins

Design and shape.

Jonathan Hepner Funerals takes pride in knowing that our range of Caskets and Coffins represent good value, quality and expert craftsmanship.

We understand that selecting a coffin for your loved one can be daunting and we ensure that you are comfortable with your choice.


Your selection may be influenced for various reasons including:

  • Instruction given by your loved one
  • Style, design or colour
  • Construction material – solid timber, timber veneer, cardboard or metal
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Religious or cultural requirements

Caskets and Coffins Range

Caskets and Coffins Daisybox Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Natural finish cardboard

Rope handles

Cotton lining (optional extra $70)

Price = $390

Lambeth Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Paper print veneer

Light oak colour

Plastic bronze colour handles

Price = $890

Worth Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Paper print veneer

Sapelle coloured

Plastic bronze colour handles

Price = $990

Willow Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Environmentally friendly

Natural cane

Rope handles

Price = $1,190

Enviro Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Solid pine timber

Natural timber finish

Rope handles

Price = $1,390

Calvary Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Timber veneer

Rosewood stain

Metal nickel-plated handles

Price = $1,890

Regent Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Timber veneer

Cedar stained, satin finish

Gold colour metal handles

Price = $2,190

Golden Teak Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals

Golden Teak

Timber veneer

Teak coloured

Gold colour metal bar handles

Price = $2,290

Expressions Coffins - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Freshwater river scene

Other scenes available

Personal image option

Price = $2,390

Mornington Bronze Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals

Pearline Bronze

Metallic-coloured MDF board

A range of different colours

Silver colour metal handles

Price = $2,390

Regina Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Timber veneer

White colour

Gold colour metal with white wood bar handles

Price = $2,290

Denman Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Solid cedar timber

Natural cedar colour

Antique bronze handles

Price = $3,390

Whitehall Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals

Whitehall – Rosewood

Solid pine timber

Rosewood stained

Metal nickel plated handles

Price = $2,790

Deakin Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Solid sapelle timber

Natural sapelle colour

Italian brass swing bar handles

Price = $3,590

Blackwood SRL Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals


Solid blackwood timber

Natural blackwood colour

Bronze colour metal wood bar handles

Price = $3,990

Grecian Urn Rosewood Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals

Grecian Urn – Rosewood

Solid pine timber

Rosewood stain

Metal nickel-plated handles

Price = $3,190

Grecian Urn Blackwood Coffin - Jonathan Hepner Funerals

Grecian Urn – Blackwood

Solid blackwood timber

Natural satin finish

Blackwood colour

Metal nickel colour wood bar handles

Price = $4,690

Last Supper Poplar Casket - Jonathan Hepner Funerals

Last Supper Poplar

Batesville casket

Rosetan crepe interior

Memory safe drawer

Price = $6,490

Pieta Mapel Casket - Jonathan Hepner Funerals

Pieta Mapel

Batesville casket

Includes keepsake pieta

Selection of corners

Price = $9,900

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Caskets & Coffins FAQ

How much are coffins?

Our coffin range is between $390 – $2,890 with caskets going higher. Coffin prices vary significantly between different funeral directors. The exact coffin from the same supplier may cost different amounts from funeral director to funeral director. At Jonathan Hepner Funerals we have removed most of our profit from our coffins. We believe having a service fee with all of our expenses and profit is more transparent than having high profits in coffins.

What are coffins made of?

Mostly timber but can be cardboard, steel, bronze or cane. Our cheapest coffin is a cardboard one. We then move into MDF timber coffins, then solid timber. Our caskets come in solid timber, steel or bronze.

What happens to coffins after cremation?

The person remains in their coffin and it is all placed into the cremator together. The way cremators are designed, a person needs to be in some sort of solid vessel in order for the mechanism that places them in the cremator to function correctly.