Personalised Funerals

We provide personalised funerals that are significant to the person who has died.

Personalised Funerals Geelong

By personalising the funeral service you can include elements that are unique or significant to the person who has died. We will assist with every aspect by utilising our resources and offering ideas to create the funeral service just as you would like.

We take the time and care to ensure your loved one’s farewell is appropriate to their life, and their memory and meaningful to your family. We have high-quality equipment that enables us to conduct a service outside of a chapel or church such as a favourite park, sports club room, beach or family property.

We can assist you in many ways to create the service you wish for…

  • Music selections
  • Musicians
  • Soloist
  • Beautifully designed floral tributes
  • Colour themes
  • Displaying of special items
  • Complimentary photographic memory DVD
  • Memorial bookmarks & service booklets
  • Memorial candles
  • Balloons
  • Dove release
  • Harley Davidson hearse
  • Horse-drawn hearse carriage
  • Limousine or sedan transportation for your family to and from the service
Personalised Funerals - Jonathan Hepner Funerals

Why Have A Funeral?

A funeral is a time to remember, honour, share and celebrate a life.

A funeral is an important time for family, friends and colleagues to come together to honour the person who died, share memories of a unique life and support each other in our grief.

Funeral Music

Music is an important element within a funeral service that reflects personality and atmosphere. We source and provide your choices from our extensive music library and resources. Music can also be in other forms such as a soloist, choir or musician which we can also arrange on your behalf.

Minister or Celebrant

Our Directors work closely with you to ensure that your personal preferences and style of service are achieved. They will liaise on your behalf with your choice of a minister or civil celebrant to conduct the funeral service.

We work closely with all denominations and experienced Civil Celebrants who will guide you through the content of the funeral service. Note that you are always welcome to engage a person of your own choice.

We will assist you in any way we can ensuring this important time of farewell is just as you want it.

Enquire about personalised funeral services.

Funeral Services FAQ

What do you wear to a funeral?

Jonathan Hepner Funeral staff will always be dressed in a black suit, white shirt and tie or neck scarf at the majority of funeral services we conduct. Occasionally families request us to dress a little more casually. As a guest attending a funeral, there are a few factors to consider. There could be cultural, religious or social reasons that influence what you should wear. Most of the time wearing neat casual attire is the most appropriate. This could include, slacks or a skirt with a collared button-up shirt or a dress. A tie and jacket aren’t usually mandatory but are never out of place.

How many people can attend a funeral?

There is no minimum or maximum that makes a funeral more or less successful. A funeral is there for each individual person that attends to acknowledge that someone in their lives has gone and what that will mean, to celebrate what that person did or achieved in their life and to share their grief and support other people grieving around them. This can be done with 5 people or 500 people in exactly the same way.

What to say at a funeral?

Whenever people run into each other or meet up socially our first question is usually “How are you”. It isn’t necessarily bad to say this when approaching the family at a funeral. Understand that they have probably had that question a lot and that they may not be ok. You could start by offering your condolences and letting them know you are sorry for their loss and you are there to support them now and whenever they might need you. You could also ask them how people around them are doing which is often easier to answer than sharing how they are doing themselves. There is no right or wrong, being there to show your support is far more important than saying the right thing.