Myths about grieving

Myth No.1

Grief and Mourning are the same.

Grief is what we are feeling. Mourning is the expression of our grief.

Myth No. 2

There are predictable stages of grieving.

Each person’s grief process is unique to their individual circumstance and persona. What has been experienced by one person may not be the same for another.

Myth No. 3

Grieving and mourning should be avoided.

It is not unusual for us or for others to tell us that we should or will overcome our grief and mourning. This can lead to a repression of feelings and increase our emotional pain.

Myth No. 4

Tears may be seen as a weakness.

Crying is a very natural response and an important expression of our feelings. Others may feel helpless in comforting you however this is a part of the grief we experience when we lose a loved one.

Myth No. 5

Living with personal grief.

For some people, their loss may be overwhelming and they may never come to terms with it. They may become accustomed to it as feelings become less intense.

Learning to live again, even though it is different from before, begins to happen when we are able to focus a little more on the future.

Finding this capability doesn’t mean we will forget the person who has died, it is adjusting to the reality of life without them.

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