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Find a Caring Funeral Home in Grovedale That’s Available When You Need It

The passing of a loved one is never easy, but there is a way to work with a funeral home in Grovedale to make the process of laying a loved one to rest more manageable in the future. Much like life insurance, a pre-organised funeral is a forward-thinking option that can help you to simplify the difficulties your family will face when the inevitable occurs.

Tips Regarding Pre-Paid Funerals

When you are looking at funeral homes, consider these helpful tips before committing to a partner for a pre-paid funeral.

  • One of the best features of a pre-paid funeral is that it is an investment against inflation. You plan the funeral using today’s pricing so that your family won’t see the benefit of your gift erode over time—instead, your planned service will retain its full value.
  • Even with advanced planning and keen attention to detail, funerals are an investment, and it can be challenging to make the full funds available immediately. We offer flexible payment plans with instalments over a fixed period. When we have received full payment, your arrangements are guaranteed, regardless of any change in circumstances.
  • Many of the most critical decisions regarding a funeral can be made ahead of time. During bereavement, your loved ones will be going through great difficulty. Eliminate additional strain by making those decisions for them and letting the funeral be a final expression of the care you put into loving them every day.

The Importance of Pre-Planned Funerals

Experienced and conscientious funeral directors can explain some of the finer points regarding how to best pre-plan a funeral to help your family in a difficult time.

  • The right funeral home will provide you with a clear description of the included services. We offer many of those services within a single service charge, including videography for subsequent viewing, internet streaming for those who cannot attend in person, and audio-visual equipment to display any requested media or recordings.
  • When the time comes, your family may not know your wishes on how to remember your life with friends and family. A pre-paid funeral helps you attend to those details by providing a comprehensive layout of everything that mattered to you. This complete, pre-emptive approach can often involve non-traditional approaches to a funeral, including celebrating the life you lived in a wake, or anything else that has meaning for you and your family.
  • Coffin prices can easily escape the realm of the reasonable. Our coffins are more appropriately priced than many other regional options. Opting for a pre-paid funeral eliminates the risk of your family being taken advantage of by someone looking to secure a larger sale.

What You Stand to Lose If You Don’t Use Jonathan Hepner Funerals

We’re a family-owned business serving the greater Geelong area. We respect the experiences of those who have lost a loved one, and we are here to help individuals who take the time to pre-plan their funeral to better support their family. Each person grieves in their own way but removing the strain of planning a funeral and organising the logistics is a gesture that anyone can appreciate.

Just as each person grieves differently, each person also wants to be remembered differently. We don’t believe in templates or cookie-cutter designs when it comes to funerals. Tell us what you’re most interested in regarding your funeral, and we’ll be flexible to provide the services you seek. Contact us to learn more about our pre-planned funeral services.