Pre payment of your funeral expenses

A pre-paid funeral is costed at today’s prices, and when paid in full, you will not be affected by any future price rises for the services you have selected. However, if you change your arrangements or add something extra, you may incur additional costs.

Advantage for pensioners

For Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs pension recipients, a pre-paid funeral plan can enable you to maximise your pension entitlement. Funds spent for a pre-paid funeral plan is not subject to the income and assets test or deemed as earnings,in accordance with current legislation.This benefit only applies on the condition that the money is not withdrawn and used for other purposes.

Your payment options

You have two options,to pay in a lump sum, or by instalments over a fixed period. Your funeral service price is guaranteed when full payment has been received.

You can obtain a complimentary brochure and further information by contacting us at any time.